Monday, February 28, 2011

Winner Winner Winner :) Cupcakes for everyone :)

First of all I can't thank Janis enough for hosting an awesome blog hop, wow is all I can say if you did not get a chance to hop take time to do so. 

Before I announce the winner I wanted to show all of you a little sneak peak of a challege I was in this last month,  I stepped out of my comfort zone and whipped up what I like to say are some pretty cute Charms.  Look here soon as there will be a blog hop of all of the charms that were done and I can say they are simply amazing and I am jealous I don't get to keep my charm.  Here is a Sneak Peek

Yes indeed that is a Shrinky Dink :)  do you remember those from your younger years

Just a little size comparison that is a Pearl next to it that measures 1/2 inc in height simply cute

This will turn into something simply amazing. 
Now with out further ado

The winner of the Unity Stamp Company stamp 1,2,3.4,5 Thousand cupcakes ( by the way I think those cucpcakes I ate this weekend had that many calories in them but they were delish we discussed getting more this week yummy. 

Number 35 

MammaCurls said: 
Thanks for some great ideas for my daughter's birthday party! I hope your family enjoyed the get well party!
Now for all those questions:  1.  Toppers were secured with indeed Crazy Straws I had them on hand from a party from a while back and decided to use them I got them at the Everything's a Dolllar store 6 to a package and trimmed them down to size so they weren't too tall.  2.  The Cupcakes were delish and I think I ate all of them except for 4 which were devoured by my son, my daughter was like I am not eating that mom YUCK.  3.  The Banner was made all by my son he did use a marker to make all those little dots and it was a great way to take up a few hours of a boring day at home.  4.  No one is better yet we had a few good days or hours this weekend but everyone is still very down and tired.  This illness sucks.  5.  I can't believe that everyone came out to support me in my blog and all I am so thankful for all of my new followers and can't wait to share some more exciting goodies with you and items that I made.  Remember to stay tuned to the Blog when I reveal that sweet Charm I made.  Its so cute. 

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