Friday, February 11, 2011

Facebook Challenges..

Tonight while sitting at home and uninspired i came across this page Paper Patch Crafts she was offering up Challenges in making cards.. I decided what the heck.. so we started.. 30 minutes to make cards..

The first contest was Easter.. Must have bunnies. I made this card. literally in 20 minutes.. WOW was I ever out of breath..

The next challenge was a hard one Tacky Cards.. whew that was a challenge who wants to make a tacky card?  So I made this one :

    Isn't this a face you could just love :)
And I have no clue how to turn this photo in Blogger :)

The next card was a birthday card the contest is still happening because Facebook keeps having hiccups.. but I hope you enjoy my touch of Birthday ..

And once again I have no clue how to turn these photos 
Anyways hope you enjoy my touch of creativity on the spot.. all three of these cards were made with 20 minutes each and no planning.. Enjoy your day and have a great weekend ..

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