Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Goodies for Teachers

Hi all,

Both of my kiddo's are in Higher Grades,  10th and 8th,  but all of their teachers are just as important to me as they were when my kiddo's were younger..

So for Valentines day I made them Peppermint Mocha and Cake Truffles ( aka Cake Balls in our house) 

Here are some photos and how to make each one..


Hot chocolate cones.

Mix 1 can of Swiss Miss Hot chocolate with out Marshmallows and 1/2 can of Peppermint Non Dairy Creamer together in a large bowl, 

Use either Icing bags or cone shaped bags to fill up inner cone with 4 tbsp of cocoa mixutre. 
Top with Chocolate Chips about 1 tbsp
Seal bag with triangle fold and Scotch tape and theninsert into another cone bag
Add 8 Marshmallows I use Strawberry heart Marshmallows and French Vanilla Snowman ones in ours
Tie with Curling Ribbon and add Tag optional with directions

Cake Truffles
Bake one 9 x 13 cake allow to cool  then crumble up in Large Bowl,  Mix in One can of Butter Cream Frosting and sprinkles
Form mixture into Bite size balls ( my balls are 2 bites each )
freeze in freezer for about 2 hours

Melt Chocolate in double burner or microwave and roll frozen balls in mixture til covered,  then simply sprinkle Hearts or sprinkles on top , 

I place these back in teh freezer until ready to be served, however they do not require refrigeration. 

Enjoy.. I hope this helps and what a gift this is for the teachers. 

For those teachers out there who every day go unapprecaited know that you helped a child once and they are thankful for it even if they don't show it.  Because as a parent I am thankful for you for helping me raise my children into who they are today..

Christy Kerley

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  1. cake balls sound super yummy and will definitely be under construction in my kitchen this weekend. thanks for sharing :)