Monday, February 28, 2011

Winner Winner Winner :) Cupcakes for everyone :)

First of all I can't thank Janis enough for hosting an awesome blog hop, wow is all I can say if you did not get a chance to hop take time to do so. 

Before I announce the winner I wanted to show all of you a little sneak peak of a challege I was in this last month,  I stepped out of my comfort zone and whipped up what I like to say are some pretty cute Charms.  Look here soon as there will be a blog hop of all of the charms that were done and I can say they are simply amazing and I am jealous I don't get to keep my charm.  Here is a Sneak Peek

Yes indeed that is a Shrinky Dink :)  do you remember those from your younger years

Just a little size comparison that is a Pearl next to it that measures 1/2 inc in height simply cute

This will turn into something simply amazing. 
Now with out further ado

The winner of the Unity Stamp Company stamp 1,2,3.4,5 Thousand cupcakes ( by the way I think those cucpcakes I ate this weekend had that many calories in them but they were delish we discussed getting more this week yummy. 

Number 35 

MammaCurls said: 
Thanks for some great ideas for my daughter's birthday party! I hope your family enjoyed the get well party!
Now for all those questions:  1.  Toppers were secured with indeed Crazy Straws I had them on hand from a party from a while back and decided to use them I got them at the Everything's a Dolllar store 6 to a package and trimmed them down to size so they weren't too tall.  2.  The Cupcakes were delish and I think I ate all of them except for 4 which were devoured by my son, my daughter was like I am not eating that mom YUCK.  3.  The Banner was made all by my son he did use a marker to make all those little dots and it was a great way to take up a few hours of a boring day at home.  4.  No one is better yet we had a few good days or hours this weekend but everyone is still very down and tired.  This illness sucks.  5.  I can't believe that everyone came out to support me in my blog and all I am so thankful for all of my new followers and can't wait to share some more exciting goodies with you and items that I made.  Remember to stay tuned to the Blog when I reveal that sweet Charm I made.  Its so cute. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cupcakes and More Scratch that MONO

Welcome to the awesome Cup Cake Blog Hop Can you believe that its here I have been waiting for Years well not really but sure seems like it and I am so excited that you had a chance to visit everyone else before stopping here.

You should have arrived here from  Laura's Blog  If not why not start at the beginning of the hop Which is Janis's Blog  and get entered into win some Awesome Candy and indeed there is Candy here as well :)  I can't wait to share

With out further ado I invite you to the wonderful Cupcakes and More  MONO party.  Yep that is right you are not reading it wrong its definitely correct however its not contagious in Cyber space thank goodness.

I decided since both of my Teenagers came down with Mono I would throw them a little get well party.  It included of course Cupcakes

Cupcakes are of course Funfetti and the toppers were cut from the Cricut Lite Cartridge Cupcakes with the font included( however we chose to stamp the images and use Unity's Dotty Letters stamp set for the letters.)

Here is a few upclose pictures of the toppers :

Now for the fun part:

Blog Candy

Most of you know I have an obsession with Unity Stamp Company  and I love their stamps.

here is what you will win :)

This stamp is so much fun and who does not love Cupcakes and the title of it fits perfect 1,2,3,4,5 thousand Cupcakes :)  that is how many calories are in some of my creations.

How to win the Blog Candy and also be eligible for the Candy from Janis's site as well is to simply Comment below.  I would love for you to become a fan of Ladybugz Creations on facebook,  or you can simply follow this blog here either way a comment is all that is needed to win.  Please make sure to leave a way for me to contact you :)  All winners are drawn via and will be drawn on Monday Morning at 10 am EST.  Winner will be posted soon there after.  

Just incase you started here and want to visit my other CUPCAKE friends here is the list and don't forget to check in at Janis's Blog to win her candy too :)

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Have a great weekend and hope you had a ton of fun

 We interrupt this blog hop for an important announcement An additional Banner made just by my Son he got so excited about the cupcakes that he had to make this banner.. I hope you enjoy don't forget Blog Candy at the end.. :) can't wait to share with you

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tomorrow you can hear about Cupcakes and More

don't forget :)

to come back tomorrow and check it out start here

See you tomorrow..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cute Simple Cards

I love to make cards,  however there are times when I just want to make it as simple as possible and create a nice cute card that is super simple. 

These cards are masking I used the Cricut to cut out the words, Removeable adhesive to position them on the cards then covered with Chalk Ink to create just a look.. Then outlined the shapes with a White Gelly Roll pen to do the stitching.. Enjoy

This set of cards is forsale for 5.00 with envelopes. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Goodies for Teachers

Hi all,

Both of my kiddo's are in Higher Grades,  10th and 8th,  but all of their teachers are just as important to me as they were when my kiddo's were younger..

So for Valentines day I made them Peppermint Mocha and Cake Truffles ( aka Cake Balls in our house) 

Here are some photos and how to make each one..


Hot chocolate cones.

Mix 1 can of Swiss Miss Hot chocolate with out Marshmallows and 1/2 can of Peppermint Non Dairy Creamer together in a large bowl, 

Use either Icing bags or cone shaped bags to fill up inner cone with 4 tbsp of cocoa mixutre. 
Top with Chocolate Chips about 1 tbsp
Seal bag with triangle fold and Scotch tape and theninsert into another cone bag
Add 8 Marshmallows I use Strawberry heart Marshmallows and French Vanilla Snowman ones in ours
Tie with Curling Ribbon and add Tag optional with directions

Cake Truffles
Bake one 9 x 13 cake allow to cool  then crumble up in Large Bowl,  Mix in One can of Butter Cream Frosting and sprinkles
Form mixture into Bite size balls ( my balls are 2 bites each )
freeze in freezer for about 2 hours

Melt Chocolate in double burner or microwave and roll frozen balls in mixture til covered,  then simply sprinkle Hearts or sprinkles on top , 

I place these back in teh freezer until ready to be served, however they do not require refrigeration. 

Enjoy.. I hope this helps and what a gift this is for the teachers. 

For those teachers out there who every day go unapprecaited know that you helped a child once and they are thankful for it even if they don't show it.  Because as a parent I am thankful for you for helping me raise my children into who they are today..

Christy Kerley

Friday, February 11, 2011

Facebook Challenges..

Tonight while sitting at home and uninspired i came across this page Paper Patch Crafts she was offering up Challenges in making cards.. I decided what the heck.. so we started.. 30 minutes to make cards..

The first contest was Easter.. Must have bunnies. I made this card. literally in 20 minutes.. WOW was I ever out of breath..

The next challenge was a hard one Tacky Cards.. whew that was a challenge who wants to make a tacky card?  So I made this one :

    Isn't this a face you could just love :)
And I have no clue how to turn this photo in Blogger :)

The next card was a birthday card the contest is still happening because Facebook keeps having hiccups.. but I hope you enjoy my touch of Birthday ..

And once again I have no clue how to turn these photos 
Anyways hope you enjoy my touch of creativity on the spot.. all three of these cards were made with 20 minutes each and no planning.. Enjoy your day and have a great weekend ..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just a card

Today I wanted to make something i needed to burn off some extra tension in my life and card making and scrapbooking does that for me well just creating does.  So I sat down with a white piece of paper and created this..

I started the card with a cut out from the Lyrical Letters Cartridge  to make  a mask then covered it with Chalk Ink Pink Petal
Then I started covered the entire card with Tim Holtz Distressed Ink Antique linen 
and stamped images from Unity Stamp Company  My Dear... by IOD  

I decided the middle of the card needed something besides the white so I distressed it too and added an embellishment which can be written over in dark brown ink.. I tore the edges of the card and aged them with Creamy Carmel Stamp pad from stampin up .. 

I hope you enjoy this card.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I was asked by a dear friend to come up with something for her son's room that was totally him,  I sat and pondered then did a little research and came up with this :

It all started in a pile of this 

 I then used my Cricut Expression to cut out the fabric 

I used the B is for Boys Cricut Cartridge for the Banner pieces and Don Juan for the lettering 
  I then took to sewing each piece together.  Each letter was sewn to each banner which was then sewn to a piece of chipboard which was then given button holes to hold the ribbon on.  each banner piece looked like this when done

After everything was sewn together I added the finishing touches and got an awesome banner I sure hope he loves it as much as I do

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I did.  I am in love with the Dinosaur fabric and now its off to make matching rag quilt for the little one to snuggle up with. 

Enjoy your day and many blessings