Saturday, October 16, 2010

Family Photo Day

Thanks for taking another peek at some great ideas, 

Last summer in August we had Family Photo day with our family, first photo together since 2005 way to long if you ask me my kids they have grown up before my eyes. 

I have a few sneak peeks for you some of which might be included in our Christmas Cards,  and one that will make its debut in our Scrapbook of life for my kids to carry on to their family.  I have decided to make each child there Family memory ablum. 

Enjoy a peek and I hope you like them.  Even better is the fact that I jumped up and decided to scrapbook one of the photo's .  Paper is from actually DCW ( Costco bundle ) Rubon and accents from different parts of my scrap's.  Enjoy this.  In the picture you can see our three loves Abby, Nanook and Holly as well as my family. I love them so.

All photos were taken by Ladybug Photography you can check her out by clicking on her name.

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  1. Christy--beautiful family and beautiful photos (Kudos to LB Photos). We did a similar photo for christmas years ago. I'll get to you in the next few days.