Friday, March 11, 2011

Charms Charms Charms ...... 1st time

I am part of a great group of women who found each other via facebook.  We deided to do a Charm swap last month and I decided to branch out and learn something new. 

As you all know I love Unity Stamp Company so I found the perfect Stamp from a Kit of the Month ( great way to get to know unity) and decided to make a charm for it out of shirnky dink. 

Things I learned about shrinky dinks....
1.  you must rough up the material before stamping a high grit number paper works best 300 or higher
2.  you must use darker ink then you think when you stamp
3.  the stuff stinks when you "bake"it so use ventalations and don't cook pizza right afterwards allow your oven to cool down.  

Here is the stamp and image shrunk

Next I found cute beads and such and then strung them together to make a charm

Supplies.. included invisible wire as well
The finished charms
Up close of the charm
Another view

Thanks so much for taking a peek at the project and I can't wait to share the next one with you. 



  1. I didn't realize that your charm was made from a shrinky dink, that is great! You girls all think that your talents are limited, I know that they are limitless, what an amazing job each of you has done, I stand in awe of each of you and am privileged to call you all friends.

    Hugs, Ze

  2. That charm is adorable, I tried to cut a birdcage a couple months ago from Shrinky Dink and it turned out disastorous! the core kept sticking together. LOL!

  3. Very cool, thanks for the tips! I love all the Shrinky Dink stuff people are making. :)

  4. Christy--your charms are adorable. I want to try this shrinky dink stuff. (never got to do it as a kid). I think my daughter would like it. And, I'll be sure to hold off on cooking pizza after the s.d.s!!

  5. Very cute! tfs just became follower. come by and pick up an award at my blog:)

  6. I too have an award for you! wow your popular! :) i loveee these charms! i have never made any but you make it look soo fun and i cant wait to try shrinky dinks! i would love for you to become a follower of my blog as well :)

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